Tony Ashton Gallery


The unframed, signed and numbered prints (Organ and Guitar) are in limited editions of 250, 41.5x29cm

£85 -00 each or £160-00 for the two, plus p&p.


The unframed "Resurrection Shuffle" poster, 46x35cm, is £45-00, plus p&p.

The unframed print "Luv", 29x20.5cm, is £75-00, plus p&p.

Organic Music Self PORTRAIT
Organic Music (Self Portrait)
Organic Music (Self Portrait)

Resurrection Shuffle

Guitar from Hell
The Resurrection Shuffle (poster)
The Guitar from Hell
          The bar blues

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The 12 - Bar Blues

Unframed card 30x 21cm

"The 12 - Bar Blues "

£8-00 + p. and p.